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5 elements of a successful business website

5 Elements Any Business Website Needs To Be Successful

Web presence is imperative for any business. In this information age we live in, people go online to learn more and get information about your company, and if you don’t have a website this wouldn’t speak well for your business.

Chances are you wouldn’t be taken seriously or regarded as an authority in your field without a website. More importantly, you are going to miss out on traffic and customers that find you via the web. However, just having a website wouldn’t quite cut it; you need to have certain elements that inspire trust and credibility in the eyes of your visitors.

Below we highlight the five elements your business website must have to be successful.

1. Easy to Access Contact Information

It is easy to forget the importance of your contact information behind all those fancy graphics and contents flying around your website, but it is absolutely crucial for any business. Read more

importance for seo for small business

Importance of SEO for Small Business

Search engine optimization SEO might be seen by newbies to the term as one of those internet marketers buzzword carelessly thrown around the internet, but it’s not. With over three billion daily searches on Google alone (Yea, you read that right) Your website’s SEO is a great determining factor in whether you get a slice of the internet traffic pie or not.

Key-point: SEO helps your small business seem not so small.

At a very basic level, here’s what SEO can do to help you grow your business…

1. Get Visible

This is as simple as it sounds. The easier you are to find, the more likely you are to sell your stuff. Read more

how to use social media to target customers

How to use Social Media to target customers for small business

Most Small business survival depends on two things. The Products and its marketing strategy. The business product is everything from its actual object of business to its customer service, user experience etc. While the marketing strategy is every way business plans to get its products in the eyes of potential customers.

Marketing requires quite a lot work, as there are a lot of channels and no one size fit all solution to marketing,

So what do you do? Depending on your business, you could host workshops, send out a mass invitation to a grand opening, and more than anything else, employ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others to develop a targeted marketing campaign.

In addition, Facebook ads really allow you to drill down into your demographics. As a result, I recommend setting up multiple ads targeting different people and then watching the results. Read more